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Six Strategies for Hiring Quality Healthcare Talent in Todays Tough Market


To hire quality healthcare talent, employers must be proactive in their searches. Recruiters must consider the needs of candidates, and must be available outside of normal business hours to accommodate schedules. Interviews must be flexible, too, since many of the best healthcare professionals cannot devote 9-to-five hours to the interview process. Aside from meeting the demands of patient care, employers must be able to provide better compensation and benefits.

The number of job postings and available healthcare talent does not match the number of job seekers. In recent years, home health aide searches followed closely with the number of postings, but in 2016, the trend reversed itself. This makes finding healthcare talent challenging. Despite the tough market, healthcare recruiters must overcome these hurdles to attract and retain qualified healthcare professionals. Here are six strategies that can help employers optimize their recruitment practices.

Flexible Working Environments

First, healthcare organizations must be innovative in their compensation, benefits, and flexible working environments. Many new physicians are looking for relief from debt, and hospitals should explore new financial incentives for those who accept the job offer. LifePoint Hospitals, for example, offers a monthly stipend to new hires who accept the job offer. This builds employee loyalty months before they begin work. This approach may not work in every workplace, but it works for LifePoint.

Recruiting healthcare talent has never been easier. The supply of talent far outpaces the demand. For this reason, it is essential to develop innovative strategies to attract top candidates. In addition to offering competitive compensation, benefits, and flexible work environments, healthcare organizations should seek to improve patient care and make the workplace more employee-friendly. For example, new doctors should be able to get debt relief, and hospitals should look into new financial incentives.

Financial Incentives for Acceptance

Redefining the role of the recruiter is important for any healthcare organization. The recruiter must be able to explain to the candidates why they should choose them. In addition to the compensation, a physician should have debt relief as a top priority. As part of this process, a hospital should offer financial incentives for acceptance. The new hire should be able to afford these. The new doctor will want to work for a company that offers them an incentive.

The healthcare industry is highly competitive. It is important to attract the best talent in the most desirable field. Moreover, the healthcare environment is notoriously tense. In order to attract the best talent, an employer should create a welcoming and friendly work environment. In addition, employers should have a strong brand and attract talent. It is imperative to provide excellent benefits, as well as a flexible work environment.

More Likely to Work Hard For The Hospital

It is crucial for healthcare employers to be proactive and not wait for candidates to come to them. To attract the best candidates, a health system must ensure that it has a good pipeline of qualified applicants. The shortage of qualified candidates is a common problem in any type of industry, and is only getting worse. As a result, organizations need to become more creative in their recruiting efforts to attract quality healthcare employees.

To attract the best healthcare professionals, employers should focus on offering an attractive compensation package and flexible work environment. Millennials are looking for a hospital with family near their homes. Therefore, they are interested in a large city hospital. For the rest, the best healthcare job is a rural one. Aspiring nurses will be more likely to work for the location of their families. By promoting a positive image, they will be more likely to work hard for the hospital.

To attract the best healthcare talent, healthcare employers must understand the motivations of top candidates. While recruiting for physicians and nurses, organizations must consider the qualifications of the candidates. The right candidate will make the difference between success and failure. A doctor’s salary is not the only factor that impacts his or her health. A good compensation package is an essential factor in attracting healthcare professionals. If you want to hire the best physician, you must know the skills and training of the candidate.


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