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4 Rewards You Can Get from a Bitcoin Credit Card

Credit Card

Many companies help the consumers earn a certain percentage on their spending anytime they use their credit cards, and bitcoin has not been left behind in ensuring that it rewards its credit card users.

Cryptocurrency has become popular in modern days. Many companies have offered crypto rewards credit cards to their customers to keep them motivated to continue using them. This article will give well-detailed information on different rewards that one can get any time they use a bitcoin credit card.

How Do Bitcoin Rewards Credit Cards Works?

The bitcoin reward cards tend to function the same way like the other rewards credit cards available. They have similar underwriting standards that tend to determine the approval and the credit score of the cards. The bitcoin credit card rewards also tend to have the same payment processing network as the master card, which makes it acceptable to all the other merchants that accept any credit card.

However, the crypto rewards card tends to be different from other credit cards in the way the consumer earns rewards in the bitcoin instead of getting cash back, giving the consumers the chance to invest back on crypto anytime they make any purchase.

Best of Bitcoin Credit Card Rewards

1. Cash Back on Every Purchase

Using the BlockFi Rewards Visa Signature credit card gives the consumers a chance to get a 1.5% cashback on their purchase. The rewards are then converted into bitcoins and reimbursed on the card BlockFi account. This means that the consumer can accumulate cash as rewards depending on the amount of money they spend.

2. Redeemable Reward points

Any consumer who uses the SoFi credit card will get 3 rewards points on every $1 that they spend on purchases for a year. The consumer can later redeem the points at the value of 1 cent when they deposit the rewards into their accounts.

According to the experts in SoFi Invest, depositing the rewards points into the SoFi crypto account gives the consumer 0.5 cent points.

3. Rewards on Rideshare and Taxis

Consumers who use the Brex credit cards can get rewards on rideshare and taxis anytime they purchase using the card. The Brex card reward rate is 1 point on every $1 spent. The consumers use it as their only company card.

The consumers get the privilege to earn higher rates through the exclusive reward program, which gives them the benefit of redeeming the points for rideshares and taxis.

4. Cashback on Groceries

The Gemini Credit Card customers tend to get a 2% cashback on buying groceries using the credit card. The Gemini credit card earns the crypto reward whenever the consumer makes a purchase. The rewards are sent to the consumer’s cryptocurrency account as they are returned as bitcoins.

Get a Bitcoin Credit Card Today.

Today, there are many benefits of using the bitcoin credit card, including cash back rewards. The different rewards offered tend to help the consumers accumulate bitcoin points that they can use for different purposes, making it beneficial to use a bitcoin credit card for the consumer.


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