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Launching an Online Business in 2022


Since the pandemic’s beginning, the demand for digital business tools and greater accessibility to eCommerce markets has allowed many digital entrepreneurs to launch successful businesses from home. To establish a successful eCommerce business today, you should understand what resources, tools, and services are available to you to be as competitive as possible. Here are a few key strategies and considerations for anyone preparing a digital startup in 2022.

Website Set-Up and Management

If you’re overwhelmed by website development and don’t know how to code a single thing, don’t worry. Groups like Nexcess offer a user-friendly eCommerce web builder to help digital entrepreneurs easily create high-speed, scalable, and secured eCommerce sites. “StoreBuilder makes WordPress faster and easier. Custom integrations and optimizations get your online store up and running in just a few clicks.” With these services, you will have a team of web dev professionals to help you design and launch a reliable, secure, and stunning eCommerce site. Your support team will automatically run plugin tests to ensure your site is continuously operating at high speed and your users have the best experience every time. You can rely on the 24/7 support of these professionals to help you keep your site up and running efficiently. Services like these leave you more time to focus on developing your product or service and reaching out to customers.


Any business owner will tell you that marketing is a key to success. Without a strong marketing campaign, your eCommerce site can be stunning but still have no traffic or conversions. As you prepare your site for launch, set up social media accounts for your store ab testing wordpress plugin and begin to build a following within your industry. Social media is a great way to engage with your audience and build your brand directly. Another key marketing strategy is search engine optimization. SEO involves lots of content creation based on industry-competitive keywords that will help you rank higher on Google for similar searches. Set up a publishing schedule and add new content to your site whenever possible to help direct more search engine traffic to your site. Get creative with your marketing campaigns; try emails, newsletters, social media, videos, etc., to broaden your digital reach.

Digital Business Tools and Growing a Team

Depending on the scale and size of your business operations at launch, you may need to hire an employee or two. To manage a team, you must utilize specific digital business tools to keep everyone connected and on task daily. Virtual workplaces, business email domains, video conferencing software, task management tools, and more can help you streamline workflows and keep every aspect of your business running smoothly. A document management system may be an excellent first investment if it’s only you running the operation so that you can keep track of all your essential documents and files. As you grow and hire remote employees, you must incorporate more communication and collaboration tools to keep your team connected. In the planning stages of your startup, be sure to include these resources and tools for digital business owners so you can always stay organized and establish a strong foundation for scale and growth down the road.

These are just a few considerations when launching an online business in 2022. There has never been greater accessibility to the eCommerce market than today. Digital entrepreneurs with a vision should take advantage of the tools, services, and resources available to launch their businesses successfully.


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