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Best video editors for YouTube

You probably have a lot of beautiful videos on your computer or video device you want to share with family and friends. But before you hit the upload button, ask yourself how many times the movie needs to be edited to reach perfection. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” editing style, so if a particular scene isn’t doing your idea justice, you need to change it up. The problem is that the more complicated and time-consuming an edit (or any project), the greater percentage of people abandon their work midway through because they can’t handle it any longer.

This is why it’s crucial to have the best and most convenient editing tool possible. Several video editors for YouTube have become very popular in recent years and are a part of everyday life for many people.

Nowadays, you can edit your videos on a computer or even on your smartphone. Given that today’s media devices are highly advanced, it’s no surprise that many of them even come with built-in video editors. But obviously, everyone’s needs are different, and everyone has different budgets. So when a person can only afford to buy a few programs, what kind of editing software should they get?

We’ve prepared a list of the best video editors for YouTube that you can start using today. But, of course, choosing which program suits your needs depends on many factors: price, the number of features offered by the tool, the stability and performance of the program, and its compatibility with devices. So let’s take a look at each one in more detail.

  1. Adobe Premiere Elements 15

Adobe Premiere Elements 15 is a comprehensive program for editing videos of any length and any purpose. You can use it to make a one-minute video for social media or a full-length movie with special effects and music. Since the program is from Adobe, it has been made to work seamlessly with other Adobe programs like Photoshop and Premiere Pro. Most of its tools were created for those programs, so you can easily transfer your finished project back and forth between them if you need to do so. Premiere Elements is amongst the best video editors for YouTube because it comes with everything you need to prepare your video. There are colourful templates, various backgrounds, and the ability to add music if required. It suffices to say that the program has been designed with the user in mind.

  1. Wondershare Filmora Scrn

Filmora Scrn is an all-in-one video editor, a highly-specialized tool that allows you to make videos of nearly any style imaginable. One of its best features is creating videos for social media and long-term projects like corporate presentations. The program is easy to navigate, comes with a simple user interface, and all the basic tools you’ll need, such as titles and effects. The program supports a variety of file formats, including .mp4, .mkv, .mov, .wmv, and many others. It can even do 360° videos and supports a variety of editing effects if you want to take things to the next level.

All in all, Filmora Scrn is one of the greatest video editors for YouTube for beginners and those who like converting videos into movies. It uses cutting-edge technology to help you edit your videos like a professional. Yet, you can still create great videos, even when you’re just learning. It works very well with Windows 10 and 8, OS X, Overwatch, and other platforms. It is simple to use for beginners, just like any other video editor app. 

  1. InVideo

InVideo is an intuitive video editor free that will make your videos look as professional and high quality as possible. The program knows how to make you look good, thanks to its optimization tool for YouTube. It features a number of special features for making a video look great, such as video stabilization, camera filters, and chroma-keying – which makes the footage look like it was taken in colour. These tools are all great for editing in general, but are especially essential when working with YouTube videos, where you’re trying to have your audience get to see the good quality of your footage instead of plain standard definition.

Overall, InVideo is an excellent tool for creating high-quality videos that can be used on any platform. Its intuitive and simple design will help you make your videos look great without a ton of extra editing. It’s another great addition to the list of the best video editors for YouTube.

  1. Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is an extremely powerful program for editing videos that you can use on your computer or a video device like Apple TV or Roku. It comes with many editing features, including an editing timeline, special effects, sound-editing tools, colour correction, etc. It also has the new “Magical Scrubber” feature, which allows you to remove objects from your footage without wasting time cutting while it plays back in real-time mode. There’s a bit of a learning curve in this program, as there are tons of different functions to learn. But once you get the hang of it, you can create some amazing videos that can look like something you’d see on your local news station.

  1. Sony Movie Studio

Movie Studio is Sony’s tool for making short videos that might need to be edited. This is a genuinely powerful program with some of the best tools on the market. You can use it to edit your videos, add special effects and transitions, apply titles and graphics, or even add voice overs or music to them – the possibilities are nearly limitless. You can also use Sony Movie Studio’s Post Audio Functionality with other manufacturers’ video editing software, so you don’t have to buy another program. Movie Studio is very easy to use and can create videos in HD or 4K, depending on your device.

  1. Magisto Video Editor & Maker

Suppose you want simple, convenient video editors for YouTube that can automatically make a video out of your photos and videos in just seconds or minutes. In that case, this is the program for you! The app can be used on various platforms, including web browsers, Facebook page comments, Instagram Stories, or even Blog Posts. You could also use it to edit your films on a PC or Mac. With its automatic video editor, you can choose stylish filters to make your footage look retro, vintage, or cinematic. It’s a great tool for editing vlogs and even short films. To put it bluntly, Magisto Video Editor is just another tool in your arsenal that can help save tons of time and effort in making videos for social media.

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a tool that you might use as part of a team working at a company or on some professional project. It is an entirely different program from Adobe Premiere Elements, and it has been designed for editing videos with a high degree of complexity. This program can handle HD footage and resolutions as well as cinematic sequences. You can use it to edit footage from tons of different devices, and even use video clips from other programs like Final Cut Pro X and After Effects. In addition, it has a time-saving option called “Smart Tool” that allows you to complete many tasks in a manner of clicks, rather than lots of room for error. It’s an excellent program for those new to video editing, but it has some advanced tools that beginners might not need. You get the best of both worlds if you use this program.

  1. HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express is another all-in-one video tool that allows for easy editing, audio mixing, and colour grading/correction. You can use it for a walk-through or even edit your fishing videos. It has a dedicated audio track to serve its users better, but be warned: you won’t want to use any other audio tracks besides the one that comes with this program. It contains as many features as you would hope for in a video editing app, including fade-ins and fade-outs, chroma-keying, stereo effects, and motion stabilization. Plus, some great new tools like picture-in-picture mode and 2D paint tools make the software much more versatile than the typical video editors for YouTube. It’s a great choice for aspiring video editors, and with the price tag it comes, it is a bargain.

  1. CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector is a video editing software with proven capabilities and a wide range of integrated tools. It includes tools like image correction, colour correction, audio mixing, and even third-party editing with support for NLE systems. It also offers you the option to add professional effects using its various tutorial effects and transitions that give this software plenty of versatility and extended functionalities. Its interface is quite simple while still being comfortable to work with, making it very approachable for beginners and seasoned editors.

  1. iMovie

If you’re looking for a program designed to make editing video as simple as possible, then iMovie is a perfect choice. This program allows you to create short films in HD quality and can also be used with Apple TV, MacBooks, and other Apple devices. In addition, you can use it to edit your footage into movies, complete with intro and outro credits, sound effects, and music that plays along with your video. It lets you create your movies and series, but if you’re looking to start a homemade video project, you should consider using iMovie. The best part of its design is that the interface is intuitive and easy to understand. No previous experience with editing software or video production is needed to use this app effectively. At the same time, the plethora of ready-made templates, effects, transitions, titles, and music are sure to help you create your projects within minutes. It is really easy to use, and it even provides beginners with all the necessary training to start editing videos.

  1. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip is a video-editing program designed to make editing easy, fun, and fast. All you have to do is choose from the different types of tracks listed on the left side of the screen. You can use this program for films, music videos, slideshows, and even vlogging purposes. There are a lot of great templates that you can choose from as well. In addition, the app comes with more than 500 effects and transitions to help you create stunning visuals for your videos. It’s fun, easy to learn, and worth checking out.

  1. Corel VideoStudio

Corel VideoStudio is a powerful tool for beginners and advanced editors that comes with easy-to-use tools and various options. It comes with a built-in audio library consisting of sound effects, prebuilt audio clips, music clips, and even the option to import your files. This software program can edit videos from your hard drive or directly from USB devices like GoPro cameras or handy cams. It has an extensive range of editing tools that you could use to enhance the overall look of your film and allow you to take control over every aspect of it by using its timeline editor. It supports many other file formats besides standard ones, such as AVI, MP4, and even 3GP.

  1. Avid Media Composer

Avid Media Composer is one of the most powerful video editors for YouTube that you can use to create professional video projects. It’s extremely comprehensive and can handle any editing you need to do to your videos. For example, it has advanced tools for screen media types of video like HD and 4K resolution formats. It even allows for some special effects to change the look of your footage, so it looks more appealing and offers the ability to appear in a variety of colour schemes. In addition, this software is based on a multiple-clip timeline that gives you the ability to add extra clips or video transitions into your project and adjust their timing from there.

These are the top video editing programs on your computer or on your phone if you’re looking for the best way to edit any footage you have saved on your device. These tools can be used not just for fun and leisure, but also for important projects and even jobs in some cases. Feel free to experiment with different programs and try new options out as well – different people find different programs easier to use than others, so it makes a ton of sense to try out lots of different options before settling on one that works best for you.

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