Vagal Stimuli: A Guide on How It Can Help You

vagal stimuli

Are you aware that over half of all Americans feel like their lifestyle isn’t healthy?

While there are all kinds of changes you can make to feel better, one secret weapon that’s often overlooked is vagal stimuli. Taking the time to learn about the fascinating vagus nerve can work wonders for your overall well-being.

Would you like to learn more about the vagus nerve and how it affects the rest of your body? Read on to learn all the important facts and how you can start stimulating yours.

Vagus Nerve Function

The vagus nerve starts in the brain and it winds down the face, goes into the chest, and ends in the abdomen. Since it extends so far throughout our body, it plays an important role in all kinds of functions. It assists with breathing, digestion, reflexes, and even maintaining our heart rate.

The vagus nerve keeps us alive without us having to think about it since it controls automatic functions. It can help us get out of fight or flight mode and it provides a link between our digestive system and brain. There’s still so much more to learn about the vagus nerve, so there are likely many more functions we don’t quite understand yet.

Conditions That Can Improve

Whether you have vagus nerve damage or other health conditions, stimulating your vagus nerve can have positive effects. Doctors have been stimulating the vagus nerve to treat epilepsy, depression, chronic pain, and more.

The reason why vagal stimuli can provide relief for a wide range of issues is that it treats health in a holistic way. Nurturing the entire body can be more useful than isolating a single part or problem.

Vagus Nerve Exercises

Not many people know that there are many kinds of exercises they can do to engage their vagus nerve. The easiest exercise is to take slow, deep breaths that go all the way down to your belly.

Meditating, humming or singing to your favorite music, immersing yourself in cold water, and massaging yourself can stimulate your vagus nerve. Exercising is also important since building up your endurance will help your vagus nerve adjust to different heart rates.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Doctors have been experimenting with vagus nerve stimulation for many years. In the past, they used to perform surgeries where they would insert devices that send little shocks to the vagus nerve.

The good news is that people can get vagal stimuli without an invasive procedure. There’s a great vagal nerve stimulation device that you can wear comfortably to reap impressive health benefits.

Vagal Stimuli: Now You Know the Important Facts

There’s so much more to discover when it comes to vagal stimuli, but the information we have now is quite promising. If you’ve been wanting to feel better, then taking steps to stimulate your vagus nerve can lead to surprising results.

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