How to Find a Good Boxing Instructor

Perhaps you want to box to get yourself in shape. You might want to learn some techniques to gain some confidence. You could also have some hope of learning enough to get in the ring as an amateur or even a professional. What you need to do is find an instructor to teach you whatever you need to know.

If you want to do something like San Diego boxing, you should have an idea of how to find a good instructor in your area.

Look at Your Local Gym

Next time you finish a workout, take a look around at the notices on the bulletin board. Some boxing instructors may leave their fliers there. You could even ask some of the staff there if they know anyone. They could point you in the right direction toward someone.

Ask Friends or Family

There may be friends or family members who are boxing aficionados and like to partake in it themselves. They may know a particular boxing instructor that they think would be a good fit for you. It never hurts to ask. You might find a perfect one to teach you what you need to learn and to push you.

Look Around Your Area

Next time you are driving around, take a look and see if there are any boxing gyms or fitness camps that include boxing. If you do, you can go inside and see what the set-up is like. You might find something that suits you perfectly. It never hurts to look around.

Look Online

If none of the above things are successful for you, then you can always go on the internet. Just search for “boxing” and your zip code and you should see a lot of results pop up. Look through them and see if any of them intrigue you. Some of them may have reviews – read through them. They could be a big help for you. Once you have found some instructors, talk to them. Learn their philosophies. You want someone who will push you but not to the point where you could get hurt. Trust your gut and go with that.

Hopefully, one of the above will help you find the best boxing instructor in your area. Then you can focus on learning the proper techniques for punching and defense, among other things. OK, it’s time to go box – the bell has rung!

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