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How To Clean Leather Purses

leather purses

You have quite a collection of leather purses. And maintaining them is no joke.

Leather purse cleaning doesn’t have to be as expensive. as your investments are. But they should be done appropriately to preserve their beauty and quality.¬†Here are some cost-effective tips on how to clean leather purses.

Evaluate Your Options on How to Clean Leather Purses

Estimate how much dirt you need to wipe off your leather purse. Are they simple build-ups that can rub off by soap or cleaning materials? or deep stains that require special procedures or chemicals?

Asses also the type of leather finish that requires cleaning. Ruga leather, for example, is wrinkled and usually traps residues between the surface textures. On the other hand, Cowhide is a soft type of leather that may be sensitive to chemicals.

Begin With Simple Soap and Water Method

Before resorting to commercial-grade cleaners, try the most basic: detergent and water. Soak a soft cloth in a water and soap solution, then apply over dirty leather spots. Swab it continuously and allow the bubble foam to appear.

After a few minutes, wipe out the remaining soap with a damp cloth. You also check the inside of the purse for soap and water that might have leaked in. A detail brush with soft bristles or cotton swabs may also help to reach in between seams.

Apply the Power of Vinegar Alone

Vinegar can be your most available cleaning agent since it’s an everyday household use. Dip your cloth in vinegar and allow it to absorb some. Gently rub the dirt on your leather bags thoroughly in a circular motion.

Include even the seams and stitches where fine specks stick. Use a damp cloth to dry up excess vinegar and allow it to dry.

Use the Oil and Vinegar Combination

This method of cleaning leather purses involves two phases. First is dipping a clean, soft cloth into the oil. Then apply it over the leather to loosen the hard dirt and stains.

The second is to use another clean cloth and dip it into white vinegar. With a bit of pressure, rub it over the oiled spots to remove the dirt. Do it continuously till you see a satisfactory result.

You can also use a mix of vinegar and oil together. This will help in conditioning the leather materials of your purses and women’s clutch bags.

Try Commercial Cleaning Products

You may also try leather purse cleaning materials available in the market.

Mink Oil and saddle soap are creams designed to clean and condition leather. You can apply them easily using a cloth to scrub off all specks of dirt and stains. They will leave a thin waterproof layer that keeps the surface protected.

Liquid type produces lather and foams that help soften the dirt for easy wiping. Directly spray it over your purse’s dirty spots and wait a few minutes. Wipe off the remaining residue to check how well it did.

It’s important to carefully read labels’ instructions before using commercially made products. Researching in advance will avoid the risk of endangering your leather purse.

Let Those Leather Shine

Start cleaning your purses and restore their look and quality. Your prized possessions need careful attention. May these guidelines on how to clean leather purses provide you with solutions.

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