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Choosing a Reconstructive Surgeon

Choosing a Reconstructive Surgeon

Many people think of breast reconstructive surgery when they read a reference to reconstructive surgeries, but many types of surgery fall into that category. The series of surgeries after the one to remove necrotic tissue from the leg of football player Alex Smith falls into the category of reconstructive surgery, as does a facial surgery to correct a cleft lip.

Types of Reconstructive Surgery

The wide variety of reconstructive surgeries means most surgeons specialize, but that only makes it slightly simpler to choose the right surgeon to suit your needs. Reconstructive plastic surgery corrects the following types of facial or body abnormalities or problems:

  • birth defects,
  • developmental abnormalities,
  • injury,
  • infection,
  • disease,
  • tumors.

Sometimes, a doctor performs multiple types of these surgeries, such as Joel Aronowitz, MD.

Choosing Between Many Providers

Finding the right surgeon requires more than simply locating a doctor who performs the kind of surgery you need. When choosing a surgeon to perform reconstructive surgery, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons suggests considering the following:

  • board certification,
  • experience,
  • adherence to asps quality & performance measurement guidelines,
  • reputation.

It’s also helpful if the doctor accepts your insurance because insurance covers some reconstructive surgeries.

Read Each Doctor’s Reviews

Doctors use Yelp, too. You can read detailed reviews, some with photos, on Yelp and Google My Business. These actual medical service reviews offer insight into a doctor’s attitudes and patient manner. This helps you reduce the number of specialists by eliminating those with horrible reviews.

Examine Before and After Photos

Most physicians who perform reconstructive surgery want you to see the results of their work. If a doctor doesn’t offer before and after photos, that signals you that something is wrong in their practice.

Search the Internet for patient photos posted by the patients. These offer realistic views of the before and after of their surgery. Compare the photos from the patients to those shown on the doctor’s website to gauge the veracity of their website.

Interviewing the Doctors

Most doctors now offer telehealth consultations, which makes it easier for patients to meet with doctors to determine if they like their approach, suggested method of treatment, and bedside manner. After determining a short list of surgeons that offer the type of reconstructive surgery you need, interview each using a telehealth meeting.

Choosing Your Reconstructive Surgeon

Choose an agreeable, experienced surgeon who offers a good bedside manner and whose ideas mesh with your own goals in the interview. This choice typically provides the best outcome for your surgery.

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